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Valerie Lukens-

"We started to implement Choice Time this year, and we found great success giving our students time to play, work on social emotional skills and grow as individuals.  The money we received through the Bib's Billfold grant has allowed us to purchase items to keep the students highly engaged during this time."

Micah Lukens-

"One of the goals of our team at Burket has always been to provide students with a safe, caring environment where they can learn and feel safe attending.  We applied for the grant in hopes of helping encourage students to attend school more regularly.  Since having received the grant, we have seen an increase in student attendance."  For the very first time in many years, the Burket Education Center had a day with Perfect Attendance!  Micah credits the Bib's Billfold program with this milestone.

Cathy Olsen-

"The Bib's Billfold grant allowed me to purchase weighted/compression vests, weighted lap pad and blankets, and fidgets to help my students on the Autism Spectrum with sensory issues to be able to focus and learn"

Scott Backus-

"TVMS received $900 to support eight grade students who needed help paying the $80 trip fee for our Chicago trip.  We were able to match funds with families in need and reduce the cost to $40 for the student/$40 covered by the grant.  This day trip is a great life experience for our kids and the ones who need this experience the most are often the ones who cannot afford it.  The Bib's grant made it possible for ALL of our kids to have this opportunity and we are greatly appreciative."

Niki Early-

"Bib's Billfold is such a blessing to the Vikings Vittles program at Tippecanoe Valley Middle School.  Because of this grant we were able to send home turkeys with approximately 40 families for Thanksgiving!"

Jeff Shriver-

"The inaugural Unified Flag Football team was a huge success, and not just in the win/loss column.  The football program at Tippecanoe Valley has never been about bricks and mortar or about wins and losses, but instead about people, the relationships you build, and the life lessons you learn.  Year in, and year out, Scott used the game of football to teach life lessons and help mold boys into men that our community could be proud of.  We appreciate your generous support of the Unified Flag Football program, and I know that Scott would be proud of the way the game of football is expanding and influencing the lives of all of the coaches and athletes involved.  The following are a few quotes from the players on last year's State Runner-Up Team.  You are making a difference in kids lives!"

"Unified Flag Football is something that changed my life forever.  I had some great teammates that turned into great friends.  Going to State feels like getting married, it was the Best thing that's ever happened,  Next year, every pass I throw will be for the three kids that died in that tragic accident.  My first game at home was the greatest game I've ever played because I played on the Smith-Bibler Memorial Field.  Named for Scott Bibler and Coach Smith." - Andrew Thompson

"It feels great to be part of a Team which over the months has become more of a family" - Nate Heckaman

"To me the best part of Flag Football was getting to know your team and playing the game and putting your heart in the game and never giving up.  I love my job as a captain." - Cheyenne Barngrover


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